Publications/forthcoming articles

Solicited Articles/Book Chapters

Currently Under Peer Review

  • **Porteux, J. and KJ Choi. "Leviathan for Sale: Maritime Police Privatization, Corruption, and the Sewol Disaster in South Korea." (Under Review)

  • **Porteux, J., & S. Kim. "Public Goods Through Private Means: Labor Riot Suppression in a Democratizing Korea." (Under Review)

Working Projects

  • Oh, I. and J. Porteux. Korea: World Economies (Under Contract, Agenda Publishing)

  • Porteux, J. and S. Kim. "On the Symbiosis of Democracy and Violence." (Working Paper)

  • Porteux, J. and S. Kim, and KJ Choi. The Politics of Policing in New Democracies (Book Project)  

  • Porteux, J. The Market for Mafias (Book Project)

  • Porteux, J.  and A. Bramson. "When Mafias and States Cohabitate: An Agent Based Model of State-Non-State Collaboration." (Working Paper)