Graduate Studies? 

**Students who I have mentored (and have agreed to answer questions about the process and their departments) (year of graduate school admittance included)

Carla Batista (Hosei University): London School of Economics, Dept. of International Development (MSc) (2017)

  • Specialty: Development Studies
  • Contact:

Livio Miles Silva-Müller (Hosei University/Study Abroad): Graduate Institute Geneva, Dept. of Interdisciplinary Studies (MA Course) (2017)

  • Specialty: Democracies & Inequality; Natural Resource Management in Developing Countries
  • Contact:

Alice Dell`Era (TUFS/Study Abroad): Florida International University, Dept. of Politics and International Relations (PhD Course) (2018)

  • Specialty: International Relations
  • Contact:

Anastasia Bubenko (TUFS/Study Abroad): University of Vienna, Dept. of Japanese Studies (MA Course) (2018)

  • Specialty: Japanese Studies
  • **Also has detailed information on University of Exeter and Oxford University programs**
  • Contact:

Anna Panutsa (Temple University): University of Mannheim, Dept. of Political Science (PhD Course) (2018)

  • Specialty: Comparative Politics
  • DAAD funded
  • **Also has detailed information on Oxford University and Cambridge University programs**
  • Contact:

Hiroki Ikeda (KGU): University of Essex, Dept. of Government (MA Course) (2018)

  • Specialty: Conflict Resolution
  • Contact:

Rie Michigami (KGU): University of Reading, School of Agriculture, Dept. of Policy, and Development (MA Course) (2018)

  • Specialty: International Development
  • Contact:

Rachel Vincent (KGU/Study Abroad): University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Dept. of Political Science (PhD Course) (2018)

  • Specialty: International Relations and Quantitative Analysis
  • Contact: